Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Stoking the Fire: Some Folks Find US Airways' "Britney Spears-like Spiral" Admission Unfunny

A blog I posted on December 19 about US Airways admitting a “Britney Spears-like spiral” appears to have had an unintended consequence – it has further stoked the ire of US Airways employees about management’s behaviour (could that fire burn any brighter at this point?).

A veteran member of one of my favourite forums, USAviation, picked up on my story, which reported that a press invite to attend US Airways’ annual media day contained the following admission from the carrier’s corporate communications team: “Yes, we are still here and kicking...and still LOVING our jobs in spite of spiraling Britney Spears-like during the past year!

“With res migration, operational challenges in the Northeast and the slow pace of labor contracts (just to name a few). At least we didn’t shave our heads, though.” (Photo from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Usair.jpg)

While I’m staying neutral on the content of the posted responses (heck, I’d still like to attend the event!!!), I think some of them are worth being reprinted here, if only to demonstrate just how deeply disenfranchised US Airways employees have become.

From beachboy:
"Wait a second I think I smell a new low by Jethro, Ellie May and the Clampett gang in PHX. Am I to read this correctly that they sent invites to the media comparing our airline to a Brittany Spears episode? Paging Morgan Durant. Could you please report to USAviation and tell us no one did something that tacky and classless. Tell me I am reading this wrong because my jaw is just on the floor. It's one thing to be called a trashy operation. It's one thing to know you are a trashy operation. But it's another thing to put it on engraved invitations to the press and yell it from bullhorns."

"Casual is one thing...this type of self-deprecation is pathetic, unfunny and embarrassing. Who is running this circus?"

From NoMoreKoolAid:
"One less thing to pack in my roller board. Panties! embrace the trashiness! Hey Tempe said it was ok. Can't wait for my next trip on the EMB190"...

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