Tuesday, 29 January 2008

JetBlue to Defer Delivery of 16 A320s; Sell-off Six Aircraft This Year

A plan has been revealed by JetBlue Airways to defer delivery on 16 Airbus A320s and sell at least six of the type this year.

JetBlue has been mulling options for its fleet since deciding to slow capacity growth for the year. During an earnings conference call this morning, JetBlue executives revealed that 16 A320s - which had been scheduled for delivery in the 2010 to 2011 timeframe - are being deferred until the period of 2012-2013.

The carrier has also brokered commitments to sell six A320s for 2008, including two sales announced during the previous earnings call.

Additionally, JetBlue exercised three E-190 options in the fourth quarter 0f 2007. These are due for delivery next year.

By year-end, JetBlue's fleet will comprise 110 A320s and 36 E-190s. "This may change if additional sales opportunities are realized," says JetBlue.

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flyingcat said...

I wonder if Airbus is regretting giving such a large discount to jetblue. First time they need a Dcheck they sell the frames and another fairly new 320 enters the used market. Secondly LCCs leverage growth to keep costs low. Lowering the growth makes it more likely that CASM will remain neutral or more than likely increase. They already have made the relatively easy choices to reduce cost. Take ut seats remove 1 flight attendant. They now have reached the level of selling off aircraft. What is the next level charging for TV, bags.

Mary Kirby said...
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Mary Kirby said...

They have been pretty adamant about not charging for TV, and now they insist they won't charge for connectivity.

“...that is something we want to focus on - to be able to offer [connectivity] free for everyone", the carrier recently said.