Monday, 28 January 2008

It's Back On...JetBlue and Aer Lingus CEOs Scheduled To Discuss New Partnership

Six weeks after JetBlue was an apparent no-show at an event to discuss its new partnership with Aer Lingus, the low-cost carrier has confirmed it will join the Irish operator in Dublin on Friday to finally chat about the tie-up.

Lest you get the wrong idea, JetBlue says the arrangement will be more like a "marketing alliance" rather than a full-on codeshare.

But at least the two carriers are now on the same page.

The same could not be said over a month ago, when none of JetBlue’s spokespeople seemed to know about a press briefing scheduled for December 14. That briefing was cancelled after Lufthansa’s planned 19% investment in JetBlue was revealed (a deal that was finalized last week). And Barger was later spotted in Frankfurt at a press conference with Lufthansa chief executive Wolfgang Mayrhuber.

JetBlue confirmed today that Barger will in fact make it to Dublin for the Friday event. I'm sure the Aer Lingus PR staff are grateful that they don't have to print up any more invites, the latest edition of which can be found below.

jetBlue CEO to visit Dublin for launch of Aer Lingus alliance

Aer Lingus is delighted to invite you to a media event to confirm details of its industry alliance with jetBlue.

Aer Lingus CEO Dermot Mannion and jetBlue CEO Dave Barger will host a media event at Dublin Airport on the morning of Friday, February 1st as follows:

Part A – tour of a jetBlue A320 aircraft, photos with crew and senior management

Part B – media conference

Media wishing to attend either element of the event should note the following:

Part A - The jetBlue experience Arrival Time: 9.00am

Media will be invited onboard a jetBlue A320 aircraft to enjoy the jetBlue experience first hand. Crew and senior management from both airlines will be available for photos.


flyingcat said...

Will he show or won't he.

Aer Lingus you have really let yourself go when the world revolves around Barger. Perhaps going to another alliance would have been better than dropping out of all of them. W

hat next a listing on craiglist?

Mary Kirby said...

You make a very good point. Aer Lingus pulled out of Oneworld last April. Its new "marketing" partner JB is now financially tied to a Star founding member. I hope the joint announcement on Friday entails more than an interline agreement!