Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Sweet Shiny Cockpit: Boeing 787 From The Inside

Mike Carriker, chief pilot for the Boeing 787 program, in a nice new report lays out the twinjet's flight deck design and features, as well as Boeing's philosophy.

Carriker notes, for example, that more features are provided as basic including: dual HUD, vertical situation display, large format map 1280 NM range, independent TCAS displays, RNP .1, full face O2 masks, triple tuning control panels, ATC uplink preview windows/MCP, electronic flight bag, electronic checklist, enhanced ground proximity warning system, airport map, single SATCOM w/full provisions for dual*, flight deck printer, HF data link*, light interphone system, dual cockpit voice recording (extended recording), auto scan weather radar, full time tactical map, and message based synoptic selection.

*Optional on the 787-3


Anonymous said...

The 787-3 may be optional, Snookums.

Anonymous said...

Where can we see this report? It looks like an interesting read.

-Much Thanks

Mary Kirby said...

Drop me an email at and I'll see if I can get it to you direct.