Monday, 18 February 2008

Runway Girl Takes Flight While Playing Ring Girl to AirCell and Row 44

Hello Runway Girl readers,

The time has finally come for me to transition from Blogger to my journalistic home, Flight Global. What better way to celebrate than with a blog post that shows just how competitive the in-flight connectivity sector has become? Many thanks to the CEOs of AirCell and Row 44, Jack Blumenstein and John Guidon, respectively, for their candid thoughts.

Here's the blog - - but here's a little taste:

Blumenstein says: "The only thing I know of with Row 44 is temporary authority on a month-to-month basis to do ground trials. They don’t have the authority to fly anything at least from [what we see] on the public record.”

Guidon says: "Rather than engaging in a war of words, we’re circumspect about what we say in our releases to the public and we prefer to let our actions speak for us. We cordially suggest that Jack [Blumenstein] might follow the same policy.”

Who wins round one? You know I'll let you decide. And give me your thoughts about this post, my Flight blog in general, and anything else on your mind, won't you please?


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