Monday, 19 November 2007

Priming the Masses: Las Vegas Carrier Primaris Continues to Tout All-Business Boeing 787s; Hires for 757 Charters

A Las Vegas-based operator that made headlines in October 2004 when it announced its intent to acquire 20 Boeing 787-8s (then known as the 7E7) and 20 Boeing 737-800s is still touting plans on its web site to operate both types in all-business class configuration.

I’m sure Primaris Airlines does not mean to be disingenuous when it says: “As early as 2009, Primaris will be the first US airline with a fleet of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner – a new airliner for a new world”.

It also says its initial new aircraft deliveries, which will be “from the Boeing 737 family”, will offer 2x2 wide leather seating and separate restrooms for ladies and gentlemen.

In June 2006, Boeing stopped recognizing Primaris as a potential customer for either its 787 or 737-800.

What Primaris does offer – and what its web site should more clearly state – is Boeing 757 charter service. Trinidad-based travel agency Constellation Travel Service contracts Primaris to fly charters to Fort Lauderdale, Florida; New York; and Toronto as well as to Guyana.

Flight International’s ACAS database says the carrier’s fleet comprises two 757-200s on lease from Lehman Brothers and Pegasus Aviation.

Primaris is also in a hiring push, but not for the aircraft types its web site most vocally promotes. Rather, the carrier is seeking Boeing 757 and 767 mechanics, as well as flight attendants and a crew scheduler.

What’s the deal, Primaris? Or rather, what isn't your deal?

(Photo Above: Copyright Carlos Borda)


Cranky Flier said...

Primaris actually walked away from their orders last July to "start from scratch," or so they say. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer had an article ( detailing what happened.

My guess is they tried to bite off more than they could chew. They seem to be content focusing on charter work now, but who knows what they'll end up doing in the future.

Mary Kirby said...

Key to bringing the transaction to fruition was Primaris’ ability to raise funds through a private offering. Credit Suisse First Boston and Calyon Securities were supposedly handling the private placement. I guess folks weren't convinced.